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Pricing of Service: Depending upon the complexity of taxes TaxesOnTime may charge   $0-$500. Agreed upon specifically with the client via verbal or written communications. Fees may be subject to change at any time, and such changes will be final only upon approval from the client unless otherwise stated in any other document signed between TaxesOnTime   and the client

Payment Terms: All charges incurred for use of the Service will be paid at the time the product or services are purchased. If at any time a credit card charge or payment check is refused, TaxesOnTime may, at its sole discretion, immediately suspend or terminate this Agreement, but Member will still be responsible for all charges incurred.

If any payment due is not made by the Member, TaxesOnTime may, in addition to its other remedies, at its sole discretion and without notice to the Member, suspend its performance under this Agreement and the Member’s access to and use of the Service, or terminate this Agreement and Member’s access to and the use of the Service. Pricing, product availability, and offers are subject to change without prior notice.

Service delivery duration: within 24hr we will complete filing from the time of document received from the client.